Hmong  Language  Association

A Professional Association with the Purpose to Develop, Enhance, and Promote the Study and the Teaching of the Hmong Language and Culture.
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Meet the Board Committee

We are a group of Hmong language teachers, interpreters, scholars and parents, dedicated to create more opportunities to increase the awareness of the Hmong community and the Mainstream society on the importance of the Hmong language and culture, and their teaching so that all children will acquire a strong basis in the heritage language that will reinforce their academic foundation to succeed in their personal and professional lives.

Moua Vang, M.A.

Moua Vang is a Hmong teacher of the Sanger High School. He received his master in Educational Leadership at California State University, Fresno (CSU-Fresno). He has been teaching Hmong for more than a decade.
Gao Her, M.A.

Gao Her is a French and former Hmong teacher. She teaches at Edison High School, Fresno. She received her master in Educational Leadership at CSU-Fresno. She has been teaching languages for more than two decades.

Nalee Thao See, M.A.
Secretary, Membership Recorder

Nalee Thao See received her master in Linguistics at CSU-Fresno. She is specialized in the study of Hmong Language, especially Hmong grammar. She has been teaching Hmong at CSU-Fresno.
Chô Ly, Ph.D.
Resource Director

Chô Ly is a Linguist, French and Hmong professor  at Merced College and CSU-Fresno. Former tenured-track professor of Linguistics in French Guiana, he is specialized in the study of the Hmong Language, especically the contacts of Hmong with other languages (French / Hmong, English / Hmong) in France, US and Australia.
Kao-Ly Yang, Ph.D.
Webmaster/ Historian
Kao-Ly Yang is an Anthropologist, Linguist, French and Hmong professor at CSU-Fresno and Fresno City College. She is specialized in teaching French & Hmong languages, cultures, and literatures. For more than two decades, she has been conducting her research on Hmong language and cultural changes in France, Southeast Asia and US.
She contributed to create the CSET-Hmong , the Hmong Interpretating program (Reedley College), and Hmong Minor (CSU-Fresno). For more info, visit her website .