Hmong  Language  Association

A Professional Association with the Purpose to Develop, Enhance, and Promote the Study and the Teaching of the Hmong Language and Culture.
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Join us to preserve the Hmong language and culture by developing, enhancing, and promoting the study and teaching of the Hmong language!

We are a group of Hmong language teachers teaching at the high school and university levels, scholars specialized in the study of the Hmong language and culture, and parents aware of the importance of the Hmong language as a source of knowledge, pride, and cultural identity.

With your membership, you help make possible the activities that we plan to offer, such as professional development workshops, talks, cultural events, or courses in Hmong that are free to all persons interested. Membership begins and ends in August and will need to be renewed annually.

$1 for a high school student  
$5  for a college student         
$20 for an adult